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Who We Are

Palm Prints is a major press and publishing company that specializes in creating design and print jobs that go far beyond the widest imaginations of the most creative minds in the land. With quality and professional hands and minds at work, we provide cutting edge solutions to your design and print jobs to give you the very best and make your brands stand out everywhere.

Palm Prints was born with the impulse to conquer new frontiers in the press and publishing industry in the country by serving as a channel for translating its ideas into print creativities. Palm Prints has become a breath of fresh air in the press and publishing industry, capturing the imagination of our clients' world with jobs of immediate and lasting value that SELLS!

The time is here when a brand new idea comes along that scrambles preconceptions and create a tell-tale impact that becomes the gold standard in the print and publishing industry. The coming of Palm Prints, a state-of-the-art-technology press and publishing company has become the ultimate destination of top companies and super brands wanting to make a lasting impression with their target audience through outstanding jobs that stand out from the crowd.

At Palm Prints, we believe nothing less than the perfect performance of quality and professional delivery of your jobs. We also ensure that such priceless jobs of immediate and long lasting value are executed flawlessly and in good time so that our highly revered clients will be able to deliver on their own promises on record time to their clients as well.

So, just before you go to town seeking a professional company that will handle your project(s), just know that Palm Prints is one of the BEST professional press and publishing companies that you could always get around to handle your project(s) more than you expect a press and publishing company to.

Why Choose Us
We give you the best with our Professional team working to deliver your projects.
Knowledge and innovation is our nature but, above and beyond all this, we have got the benefit of intuition and foresight. So, even before you bring in your brief to town and send us on a print job order, we can actually anticipate your needs.

This is the greatest reason in the world why we have at your business pleasure a cast of team experts that will help turn your dream project(s) into reality and meet and exceed your expectations, couple with that of your clients

At Palm Prints, we exceed your expections in print and design projects because we are a World Class company of Nigerian Spirits creating exceptional and quality prints and designs that suit your needs just in time for you, always and everyday.
Mrs. Titilayo Adeosun
(B.Sc., PGD, M.Sc., MVIOB) - MD/CEO

A former lecturer in the Federal University of Tehchnology, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.
A quality controller with eyes for details and passion for delivering consistent quality to customers at all time.

Marketing Manager
Mr. Olufemi Adewunmi
Press Manager

Mr. Femi has 16yrs experience in the printing industry in Nigeria, with exposure to trainings on the best possible printing technology in the world's quality control.
He leads the marketing and client service department of Palm Prints, ensuring on-time delivery of jobs to clients.

Operations Manager
Mr. Henry Aselu
Operations Manager

Here is our Operations Manager for the company...